Apartment4.holiday terms & conditions for quality service

Terms & conditions applying to all the properties of Apartment4.holiday

General terms & conditions for the holiday rentals, co-managed by Apartment4.holiday

The bookings of the apartments will get effective for the rental party, which co-manages the units with Apartment4.holiday, only after it has received the non-refundable deposit of and not less than 30% of the total of the booked stay or/and an appropriate guarantee like a valid credit card, showing up availability of at least the total of the stay. Apartment4.holiday is authorized to take care of the relationships and dealings with the guest in the name of the apartment owner.

Check-in and Checkout

The apartment will available between 16:00 h and 20:00 h of the arrival and must be left between 08:00 h and 10:00 h of the departure day, in clean and ordered condition.  Arrivals and departures outside the times above, are only possible prior request, otherwise additional fees can apply. In the moment of the check-in, all documents of the guests must be shown (including those of the children), for the registration, as request by the local law. The remaining amount of the stay + a security deposit for keys, info book and damages must be paid during the check-in. We will ask a security deposit as guarantee for the well-keeping of the apartment itself and the inventory inside. Eventual damages, which were already present before the arrival of the guests, will only be recognized as such, if they will be communicated via e-mail with photo until 12:00 h of the day after the arrival. The time of arrival must be communicated to Apartment4.holiday in the moment of the booking or as soon as possible after booking. In case of delay of the arrival due to major causes, this must immediately be communicated to Apartment4.holiday.


The rates include the apartment in good condition, ready for use, furnished in adequate way, corresponding the classification and the number beds, with furniture, dishes, cutlery, cooking plate, fridge, coats, pillows, linen and towels, the normal use of gas, hot water, electricity and small interventions of reparation. The reparation of small damages are at charge of the apartment owner, with exception of the case if the damages are attributable to the guest, due to an unconventional use of the apartment and all what is present inside. The guests are commit themselves to threat the apartment well and will be responsible of damages made by himself. In every case, damages must be communicated immediately to Apartment4.holiday. The local tourist tax is always excluded from the offered rates and is only applicable to persons from 14 years age upwards. Pets can only stay with the guests in the apartments if previously authorized with a written script, as stated in each property. Damages made by pets will be attributed to its owner and in alternative to the owner of the booking.

Number of persons – Substitution of persons or pets

The total number of the guests, which will be previously registered during check-in, allowed in the apartment. The number (of adults and children) cannot exceed the number of beds stated in the booking, making exception for children up to two years age, if the guests takes care of providing himself a baby cot and the necessary linen and beddings for him. Also the baby under two years must provide a document to be registered by Apartment4.holiday. Every kind of substitution and/or addition of a person during the stay is forbidden, if not agreed in advance with Apartment4.holiday and can be punished by law. Apartment4.holiday and the apartment owner are authorized to control the status of the apartment and the number of persons and pets in it. An exceedance of this number will result to a cessation of the contract and Apartment4.holiday will decide the amount of the surcharge to be paid. Pets will be allowed in properties showing up the proper symbol. The guest must communicate the presence, the number and the size of the dogs staying in the apartment during the booking. The cost for eventual pets is specified in the confirmation. The owners must surveil pets staying in common spaces of the properties.


Guests who will not occupy the booked apartment until 10:00 h of the day after the arrival day, without any previous communication, will be seen as renouncer of the booking and the property owner will be free to keep the deposit and gain the availability of the apartment. In this case Apartment4.holiday will keep or request the amount of the stay, according to the applying cancellation policy. There will be no refund for days not used, due to an early departure. The cancellation or modification of a booking, also if substituted by an other booking, foresees the payment of following fees: The deposit is non-refundable and amounts to the 30% of the total of the stay. It will be requested in the moment of the booking for the final confirmation. From 60 day up to 31 days before arrival, the amount is of 50% of the total of the stay. From 30 days up to 15 days before arrival, the amount is of 75% of the total of the stay From 14 days up to no show, the amount is of 100% of the total of the stay


The apartments will be handed over clean and in perfect order. The customer must pay the cleaning fees, depending on the booking conditions. That sum does not include the cleaning of the kitchen and the removal of trash, which are a duty of the client. If the client will not do this, Apartment4.holiday, in the name of the property owner will apply additional fees. Apartment4.holiday will charge the fee up to 14 days after departure. It is not allowed to use electric heaters or electric cooking plates. We kindly ask you to respect the common rules of quietness, especially during the afternoon, evening and night hours. If the rules above are not respected, Apartment4.holiday will keep the right to resolute the contract immediately.   Heating   The use of the heating (time of use, shutting down and temperature) is regulated by laws which vary from municipality to municipality. Basically, the heating can be turned on from October to April. Accordingly, the heating, even when it is included in the rate, must be seen as usable in the period mentioned above.

Responsibility and cover of damages

The property owner and Apartment4.holiday are not responsible of eventual damages of personal effects or money of the guest, kept in the apartment. The customer commits to take maximum care by using the furniture and the all provided goods and equipment. In case of damages of the property Apartment4.holiday S.r.l. takes the right to charge, in the name of the property owner, the amount of the damages on the credit card of the guest, up to 7 days after departure. Every apartment has been visited and controlled. The descriptions presented from Apartment4.holiday in its websites are correct and written in good faith. For this reason Apartment4.holiday declines every responsibility for eventual modifications made by the property owner or from a representative of him, unless there is a complete or partial impossibility to respect the contract and the guest is not interested in a partial execution of the contract.

In case of problems, the guest commits to do its best to resolve and minimize them, for avoiding further problems, which could result. In case of impossibility to do so, the client is ask to take immediately contact by phone with Apartment4.oliday Srl, during the check-in days or at latest the day after at the phone number +39 0471786250, confirming by written mail the complaints within 24 hours to info@apartment4.holiday The guest is obliged to give to Apartment4.holiday the necessary time to try to solve the eventual problem. In case of no communication as stated above and without authorization by Apartment4.holiday, the clients who will abandon the apartment before the foreseen departure day, will lose every right of an eventual refund of the amount of the stay, unless they do have a legal right of resolution of the contract. For every complaint presented after the end of the stay, the customer will not have a right of refund. If in case of force majeure or any other reason, which does not depend from Apartment4.holiday, this last is obliged to resolute the contract, Apartment4.holiday, in accordance with the guest, will assign him a solution of the same category, if possible for Apartment4.holiday.

If the alternative solution found for the guest has a minor cost of the original amount, Apartment4.holiday will refund the difference to the guest. In the case that it will not be possible to find an accordance, the two parties will be authorized to resolute the contract. Apartment4.holiday will only refund the amount of the stay, not any other kind refund. For any argument regarding the reservation and the stay, the applicable law is the Italian law. For any point not shown in this contract, the applicable law is the one of the Italian law called “Codice Civile” and the local regulations. The sending of the guarantee (deposit via bank transfer, credit card or any other kind of payment) imply the knowledge and the consent of the booking terms & conditions, without any exception. If some of the conditions in this contract did or will lose their validity, the validity of the rest of the conditions will not be affected.

The articles and clauses exposed before can be changed basing on the changes of local laws, without any prejudice or claim from who made the reservation. Apartment4.holiday, its employees or third parties in charge will not be responsible for eventual damages attributable to injuries, thefts, losses, delays or other cases, which may occur to the apartment or to the persons during their stay. If necessary, the owner, a delegate or an appointee of Apartment4.holiday has the right to access the apartment to make indispensable maintenance operations (also garden, pool, etc.).

All the contract is at the base of the “cogestione turistica” (touristic co-management) between Apartment4.holiday and the property owner, which offer the touristic service.

Apartment4.holiday works in the name of the owners of the booked property.